Making Money on the Internet?  That’s the dream of millions.  There are 6 new people who join the wonderful world of the Internet every second!  About 70% of those would like to use the power of the web to make money.  And there are millions of dollars being made online.  It is the fastest growing market place in the world.  So why do 97% fail with their online business?  And more importantly, what can you do to be in the 3% who do make money?

What’s the Secret?

There are 3-4 new launches almost every day that claim to have the secret to your success.  If you’ll just pay $47 for their help the money will start rolling in.  Oh, then you need to pay another $37 to add the part that really works…and then $97 per month for their membership website.  It sounds so promising.  You take the bait and, sadly, discover the only ones getting rich are the ones selling you their program. Did they really want to help you, or do they want you to still be hungry and waiting when they come out with their next new program in a few weeks?

There Is Help

The first thing you need to do is stop buying all these click-to-get-rich programs.  The truth is, they don’t work.  Maybe you could sell them and make money, but do you want to sell a lie?

You need a system that solves people’s needs and gives you the tools to help others.  It needs to be a system with a proven record of success and leaders with a vision and a dedication.

And then you need a mentor to help you along the way.  You need someone who is as concerned about your success and future as they are about their own.  This is a difficult journey to travel alone and those who have great success without exception have had someone to help them along the way.

That is what I can do to help you succeed.


Glenn Fox


Glenn Fox - "faithfulfox"

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