Making Money on the Internet is a very attractive idea.  It is clear that a lot of money is being made online by someone.  Everyday there are 3 or 4 new product launches  that claim they have the program to make you a millionaire with a few clicks of the mouse.  Just send them $47 – Oh, and then add this for $197 – great, and one more add-on here for $87 and you’re set to become rich.

The only problem is that their huge promises only lead to even bigger disappointments on your part when once more your dreams are dashed by empty promises that find no fulfillment in reality.

Of course, it doesn’t even cross your mind that if they really did show you their secret to making big money on the Internet, you would no longer be a prime candidate for their next big product launch just 4 months from now.  This new one really will be the secret to riches, and it is not like all the others who are trying to scam you, they insist.  Just get out your credit card one more time!

Faithfulfox website is dedicated to reviewing these new product launches and occasionally a classic standby.  We will admit to a healthy dose of skepticism after all the money-grabbers we’ve seen.  But we would like to help you avoid the pitfalls we and our friends have experienced on the road to making money online.

Our blog posts regular reviews of upcoming product launches and we welcome your comments to add to our limited (though brilliant) insights.

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“The Top Ten Reasons My Internet Business Failed”

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