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How to Make Money Online

I'm not going to give you a magic, one mouse click formula for making money online.  But if you will watch the video on this page, as well as read this article, you will know how to make money on the internet before you are finished.

Making money on the internet is possible for anyone who will put in the effort and learn the secrets.  Obviously, there are millions of dollars being made on the internet every day now. You can have a share.  How much your share is will depend on your effort and on your choices.

Why You Need an Automated System

Making money on the Internet is a whole area of expertise on it’s own.  But you can do it if you will determine to.  The majority of Internet marketers do it wrong.  They just do what everyone else is doing.

Then there is the phenomenon of the “blind leading the blind.”  Many of those trying to get you to pay them to show you how to make serious money online have never made any money that way themselves.

The result is that about 92% of Internet marketers have ever made more than $100 with Internet marketing.  And only about 3% make enough money to live on.

Watch out!

Because there are millions out there looking for help there are thousands out there waiting to take advantage of you.  If you have not yet lost money to these unscrupulous marketers, you are in the minority. What should you do?

The first part of the video above will help explain why.  For the average internet user wanting to make money much of the process seems complicated.  So they jump from one miracle program to the next never settling on something long enough to make money even if they landed on a system that could help them.  

It’s called the “shinny ball syndrome.”  There is always a new and shinier offer that comes along and they are off to a new “promised land” that probably doesn’t really exist

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I know how you feel when the miracle system doesn’t work!

Why Most Programs will Disappoint You

First, as I said, most of the programs will never come close to

doing all that the sales-pitch claims they will do.

Second, that initial attractive price of $47 – or whatever it is – is only the beginning.  After the up-sells, the real price will be more like $197 or more, sometimes much more

Third, the main ingredient of successful internet marketing is still missing.  You need a product, a website, and traffic.  The biggest dilemma of internet marketing is How to drive traffic to your website.  These programs do not solve that problem.

Fourth, the support you need is not there.  They will give you a support page and maybe a support forum, but personal help is not offered.  A good step-by-step program will get you started. But as you proceed you will find you have questions and

refinements that need the help of someone who has done it successfully before.  Otherwise, trial and error will be expensive – in time and money.  How many programs provide you the email address and phone number of the author?

Fifth, the money back guarantee makes it sound safe.  Okay. Go ahead and try to get your money back.  For most the procedure is made unbelievably hard or they will find an excuse to only refund part of it, insisting that you did not fulfill your part of the bargain.  It may be just as easy to get a personal meeting with the President of the United States!

What you need.

These are the simple things you need to make money online:

1. A system that will make Internet marketing easier than doing it alone.  There are only a few of these that really work and some work better than others.

2. A mentor who has gone down the path before you.  They don’t have to be an expert – just a few steps ahead of you.

3. You need a bulldog determination to stick with what is working and make it work for you too.

4. Be willing to invest in yourself.  You might have to start out small, but to become a serious marketer to be contended with you will have to become educated.   Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or you have been doing Internet marketing for some time the wrong way, you can learn from those who are “killing it” and have a heart to want to help others, not just take their money.

A college education would cost you tens of thousands of dollars, take several years, and then make you only a mediocre income.  The right education in marketing on the internet will cost you far less and make you much more.  Making a million dollars a year does not have to be just a dream!

You Can Do It

It doesn’t mate your age, your country of origin or residence, your current economic status — you CAN become financially independent with honest Internet marketing and without compromising your integrity.  

You just need the right system and the right mentor.  Then you need to diligently apply yourself with a laser-like focus.  You’ve come to the right place to get the first two.  Are you ready to apply the third ingredient and revolutionize your life?  You can!  Will you!