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It’s happened to me a lot of times.  I’m sure it’s my best video yet.  The keyword was strong and the on-page SEO was as good as I know how to do.  I upload the video and keep watching.

No one is viewing it.  I  do a search on Youtube for my keyword.  I scan page 1.  It’s not there.  It’s not on page 2.  What is wrong with these people!.  Page 3.. Page 4.  Page 5.  Page 6.  Still no video.  Finally!  I find it on Page 7.  Who’s going to go all the way to page 7 to find my video.  Even my mother would get discouraged looking for it.

There are some strategies that will solve this problem.  That is what we’re going to talk about in this last video in this mini-course.

There are few things sadder than making a great video that no one sees.  Let’s make sure that seldom happens to you.

Oh, and more good news.  You can now pretty much automate the whole prose cc I show you.  So you can make and rank your video and still have time to take the dog and the family to the park.

Power of Video Marketing
Lesson #4

About that automation I mentioned to you:

Making Videos Just Became easier!

When I committed to making a video everyday – which I did faithfully for more than 2 years,  it took a lot of time each day.  I had to write the script, create a power point presentation (in those days), and then create the narration.  I had to post it to Youtube, and then I had to share it on multiple social media platforms so people would watch it.  And that’s not to mention the very important description and other SEO strategies to get it ranked on Youtube.

Now it’s different…

What if you had one-click software that creates gorgeous,
effective videos and then gets you free traffic from them?

All automated so most of the work is done for you.

That’s what you can get RIGHT HERE.

It’s a Top Ranking product on JVZoo.

When you get it HERE, you will get the agency license FREE (value $497) so you can also make videos for others and charge them for doing it.  Get Atgency free with ViddyGenie

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