Youtube Video Marketing Tips | 7 Ways to Get More Traffic

Are you taking advantage of the #1 source of free traffic on the internet?

There is no question that video marketing is what gets people’s attention today.  [See 17 Reasons to Do Video MArketing]

Our computers including our mobile devices play videos with clarity unknown in even television only a few years ago.  Most of us have recording capabilities – often that go with us wherever we go.  And everyone likes to share part of their life, their experiences, and their knowledge.

So when internet marketing experts were ask to reveal their best ways of generating profitable traffic, it is no wonder that video marketing topped the list.  It is clearly the marketing strategy that is getting results.

I already have several posts and videos with training on video marketing.  You will find links to those under “Related Posts” below.

But in this 7 minute video I am going to share 3 tips I recently learned in a new way that will more than double your results with video marketing..  Here they are:

I think these tips will make a big difference in your getting people to watch your videos also.

I hope you found these tips valuable.  Let me know if they helped.  And why not share a tip of your own that you have discovered for improving video marketing?  I’m eager to hear from you!

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