Youtube Video SEO – 7 Ways To Get More Leads

So even though video marketing is one of the top 7 ways top producers list for traffic and lead generation, they also include Youtube SEO as a separate and top-tier strategy for getting traffic.

SEO doesn’t have to ne an intimidating term.  On Youtube, just call it ways to get your videos ranked at the top.

The good news is that it is easier to rank Youtube videos than  it is to rank on Google.  But when you do rank on the top positions on Youtube you are also much more likely to be noticed by Google.

So for the sixth traffic strategy that high-performance internet marketers cite as a productive method, we explore Youtube Video SEO.  (I don’t think the 7 traffic methods we are discussing are in any particular order.)

Watch the 6 minute video:

Here are a few of many possible syndication groups:

Internet Marketing Syndication Club
Youtube View Like comment
Video Syndication Tribe

These are a few that seem to still be active.  Do your own search and check with friends and associates to locate others.  Type in the search box “Syndication.”

For an example of “time stamp” I include this list.  When you type this into a Youtube description the times will be hyperlinked by Youtube to jump you to that time on the video:

Time Stamps:
0:19 Strategy 6 for getting traffic
1:05 Preliminary Warning
1:35 Is it worth it?
203 Youtube Video SEO Tips
3:05 Viewer Interaction
5:32 Little known secret

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