Get Free Traffic By Blogging – 7 Ways To Get More LEads

Have you heard that blogging can be profitable?

I know millionaires who made their money blogging.  But I also know a lot of people who make nothing blogging.  Just blogging does not automatically guarantee you will have visitors.

We have come to lesson number 7 in our series of 7 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog or Website.  These strategies are based on interviews with top producers and are not all the methods for traffic, but the best ones used by these results-oriented marketers.  When these strategies are properly executed they will produce results for you, too.

Of course, there are entire comprehensive training courses available on how to blog correctly and produce uncommon results. Neil Patel is said to get about 700,000 unique visitors per month to his blogs.  Here is his Guide to blogging.

Blogging can be done according to a complex set of rules and consequently not be much fun.  Or you can look at all the complicated things the “experts” recommend and become discouraged.  How can you ever reach that level of perfection?

But why not start simpley.  Consider what you have a passion for and what audience would share your excitement.  Then start writing.  The things you have to do to begin to see success are not difficult.   And the key to success is not to be the best at what you are doing.  The key is to DO IT!  And start with the fundamentals and build on that foundation.

You can get traffic free with blogging and here are a few simple processes to follow to assure your immediate success.

Talk about what you’re passionate about and keep focused as you do it consistently.


You can get free traffic with blogging and then add the other 6 traffic strategies to your marketing arsenal and you will begin to experience the same kind of success that the top-producers we keep referring to experience.  There’s no reason you can’t join that exclusive club of top producers yourself and reap the rewards of your expertise and work.  After listening to these 7 lessons you are well on your way.

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