Don’t Try This At Home – Make A committment

Have you ever said, “Okay I think I’ll try that?”

Maybe you saw a product or a system to make money online. The sales video made sense. The promoter sounded honest. The opportunity seemed like it would work. So you said, “I’ll try that.”

Don’t try it! It’s not going to work. It’s not enough to just try it. If you think it’s right for you then do it – don’t try it. There is a whole lot different psychology that comes with a decision to do something compared to a decision to try something.

When you decide to try something it’s easy to quit. You are telling yourself that there’s a good chance it’s not going to work. When difficult times come, and things don’t work as you expected you can just say, “Well, I tried that but it just didn’t work.” After all, you were just checking it out. You didn’t fail. It was just a test.

But when you decide to do something then you have made a commitment. You have invested, at least psychologically, in your success. Your decision has become a part of who you are. To give up is to fail. “Do or do not. There is no try.”

That’s why free opportunities often have a higher dropout rate. There is no requirement for a financial investment and so, very often, the mental commitment is also lacking.

If you were to invest $500,000 in starting a new business how easily would you give up?

You wouldn’t just “try” your new venture; you would be absolutely committed to making it work. You would invest long hours and more money if necessary. You would invest your emotions and sacrifice even the things that were dearest to you. Your attitude would be that you were going to make it work, no matter what it took. You would be “all in” financially, psychologically, and physically. You wouldn’t let anything stand in your way.

Have you ever watched the popular TV show called “Shark Tank?” Many of the entrepreneurs who show up requesting help from the sharks have given everything to their business. They have invested their personal money. They have quit high-paying jobs to give their full time to the business. Likely their family donates their time to the success of the business. And they have great hopes and expectations for the future of their endeavors.

They’re not just trying it – they’re doing it.

So your path to success is simple:

  1. Get over the shiny object syndrome (SOS)

If you’re continually looking for the magical opportunity your focus on what you are doing will not be enough to bring you success.  Once you find what you intend to pursue, quit reading all those solicitation emails.  Click on the “unsubscribe” link.


  1. Find a system and a mentor that you feel sure has the potential to be the foundation of your business.

You need an honest system that you are convinced will work. You need a mentor to guide you through the difficult times and answer questions that you cannot find the answer to for yourself.


  1. Now just do it!

Don’t try. Don’t test it. Don’t play with it. Don’t make it a hobby. Commit all of your resources to making it work – mental, financial, emotional. Get all in and stay all in. When times are tough, you’re just as committed to your business as when everything is working well. Have you ever heard of a great success that was not preceded by great difficulties?

Many people give up too soon because they are not fully committed and they do not understand the principle of delayed gratification. I recently heard of a test that was done with four and five-year-old children. They were presented with a marshmallow and told not to eat it. If they obeyed, they were told, they would be given another marshmallow so that they would have two. Then the facilitator left for 15 minutes – a long time for a four-year-old.

Two thirds of the children ate the marshmallow. Some waited a few seconds, others for several minutes, and some for as long as 14 ½ minutes. Wouldn’t that be sad to fail when you are only a half-minute away from your reward? Many do that in business. They quit when they’re right on the brink of great success.

Besides that, the study followed up on these children many years later. They found that 100% of those who did not eat the marshmallow were successful in whatever they were doing. The principle of delayed gratification was a very important factor in success.  ( Watch a video from TED Talks HERE)

Watch the Kids!

Among those who did eat the marshmallow instead of waiting for the reward many of them had difficulties in their life, ended up on drugs, were in trouble with the police, or had other life issues. Only a small percentage of them were experiencing what would be called success.

Make a commitment to your success today. Find the vehicle you want to commit to. Discover the mentor to help you. And then make a determination that you’re going to make it work – just as though you had invested $1 million in the outcome. Then you can be among the 2% who experience phenomenal success instead of among the majority who are trying out one thing after another. Don’t try it; do it!


Oh, and if you don’t already have a vehicle or system for your home-based business and a mentor to help you make it work, then you’ve come to the right place. I can direct you to exactly what you’re looking for. I invite you to join my team where we can grow our success together.  Win With

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